Do You Want To Be Rich?

Do You Want To Be Rich?

A Poverty Consciousness

We don’t know how to be rich because most of us have a deeply impoverished consciousness. We teach our children to be impoverished because we, ourselves, are poor.

I watched an old movie today about a young, fat kid who was being picked on by other children. The actors sadness and longing to be liked and accepted were believable. My heart ached for him, and it saddened me that we teach our children–by example–to be so judgmental, cruel, and thoughtless of another’s tender feelings.

I thought as I have so many times… Why must we hate? Why must we judge others? Why do we purposely hurt and destroy? This represents the dregs of human poverty.

Of course I know why. The reactive, insecure ego wants to be superior. Ego must compare itself to others and compete to prove to itself that it is better than the next person. It steps on others to boost itself up. But secretly ego is fragile and insecure and unworthy, which is why it likes to control others.

IF YOU WANT TO BE RICH… Make the world a better place—and leave your ego behind

Start At Home
The best—and most difficult place for many—is to start spreading peace, love, and joy at home. When you are with your spouse and children be present as much as possible. Take the time to connect with your partner and children. Look them in the eye, really let them know that you see and feel them. What do they need to be happy? A revolutionary relationship is where everyone grows and fulfills their lives.

Be Genuine
It’s not the words we say, or the helping actions we do, but the love that’s behind the words and actions. Its up to each one of us to find our own way of giving love others. It will usually be easy. Within our own daily lives and within our own sphere of influence, we will usually find plenty of opportunity.

Keep Awareness
Don’t listen to your ego’s automatic judgement and instead keep your awareness focused on peoples tender feelings and try to uplift them. Don’t participate in clicks that have judgments. Be aware of community. When severe weather strikes, or the power goes out, check on the elderly or those that might need assistance to see that they’re OK. Society has become so self centered we hardly ever think of anyone beyond ourselves and immediate family.

Observe where people have real problems and help them where they need it.

Be a bringer of joy
Help naturally. Make as many people as possible smile everyday.


When the smoke of a lifetime passes you will find that you are rich beyond measure.



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