Above all…Be Kind

Above all…Be Kind

Some want to be rich, others would like a lot of sex, be healthy, find love, be famous, or make their mark on the world as a scientist or competitor. Maybe you even want to become enlightened and have great spiritual experiences.

It doesn’t really matter what goal you have, or even if you don’t know where to begin.

In the long run there is only one thing to keep in mind. And this thing is so crucial that, when the smoke of a lifetime clears, and you are about to die, it will insure you’ve had tremendous experiences and a remarkably fulfilling life.


From this moment, until the day you die, make the intention to be kind, to spread peace, joy, and love to all of life.

Of course it’s easy to make such an intention, but the trick comes in possessing the awareness to keep it. This means you watch what you say to people, watch what you do, and be careful of the energy that you are putting out into the world.

What is your Vibration?
Most of us are not even conscious of their own energy, what they are doing with it, and how it feels to others. One has to ask: what energy are we giving off? How does it feel to be in our presence?

Be Yourself
The average person switches from kindness to control from love to hate. It takes constant awareness to keep our vow of kindness alive and functional. Of course, you can’t be what you aren’t or even fake it till you make it. Nor do you want to be a blind fanatic or zealot.

The awareness I’m referring to is when the inner self, your true nature, is present enough to dethrone the manipulative, wrangling ego and take the driver’s seat. Only when the awareness of our primal essence is in the forefront, can our intention to be kindness be completely functional in our conscious everyday life.

BE KIND…and everything comes from there.
Of course, if you want to be rich, you will still have to focus on making money, but if you want a fulfilled life, one can’t forget the kindness.

My Dad
My father is a certified public accountant. At his 85th birthday party, people came from all over to celebrate. His clients praised him.
One man told the story of how he came to my dad 50 years ago when he was starting his business. He was hoping my dad would save him money on taxes. He did save him money on taxes, but he also taught him about growing a business from the ground up. My dad had a recipe for success: “Treat each client as if they were the only one you have, and each employee as a member of the family.”

50 years later my father’s client was rich in many ways. He had a successful business, lots of money, but he was rich beyond money because he’d helped so many others.

It All Adds Up
Our inner and outer world are changed with the energy of what we give out, even little acts of kindness.

That’s why Mother Teresa once said: “There are no big things. Only little things done with love.”

Over a lifetime those little acts of love add up. They purifiy you from the inside out. Kindness is the alchemy that separates the chaff of the ego mind from the gold of our true nature.

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