The Fear Of Getting Old: lack of Qi

The Fear Of Getting Old: lack of Qi

If you’ve ever been low on energy you know how frightening it is not to have the power to do what you want. Asian medicine calls the life force Qi, Prana, or Ki. The early nature doctors called it the vital force. Energy––the sap that flows through our bodies––is the real currency of life. As this sap or essence progressively dries up, we age. The skin sags, the joints stiffen, and you look old. When the last bit fades, we die. Go to a park and observe the difference between children, parents, and grandparents. Watch the way they play, walk, and get up off the chair. Watch the fluidity of motion, in relation to the stiffness and lack of fluidity. The difference is how much sap they possess and the degree in which it’s flowing freely through their bodies.

Lack of Energy and Fear
A sick, damaged, or weak tree won’t flower. It may have leaves, the very minimum for survival, but flowers come only to the healthy plant. With fatigue, life isn’t blooming; it’s survival, an uphill battle, difficult even to make it through the day. Fatigue takes its toll mentally and emotionally, and is a byproduct of nearly every disease. When chronically fatigued, with stiff and creaky joints, even the will suffers, it’s harder to be enthusiastic about life. Worry sets in. Fatigue triggers fear. If you don’t have the juice, how can you count on your body to support you through any challenge. How can you take a chance on getting out of your comfort zone? You can’t, and so fear starts to define your life. Energy––and the degree that it flows freely through our bodies––has always been the main game.

Be Biologically Younger
You can do much more than you think. Your body and mind are capable of staying young and healthy well into your older years. It is possible to maintain, prolong, or regain the energy and function of your body, and literally be biologically younger.

I don’t feel that how good I feel, and what I can do at 60 is at all unusual but when I see what most 60 year old Americans can do, I have to consider that poor health and loss of function are more common than not. But as I am fond of saying: perhaps we need a new definition of normal!

In these videos you will see that at 60 I can still do a lot and I’m not afraid to try something new, like skateboarding, or hurt myself if I make a mistake. In fact just before the skateboard video I took a wicked fall on the cement.


Walk The Upward Spiral

The method I use is:

Herbal medicine: (supports the internal organs, stops the leakage of vital energy, and provides a shot in the arm of energy)
Optimal Nutrition (removes toxins and inflammation and cleanses and builds the body on a cellular level)
Yoga and Breath work (circulates energy to every part of the body and develops the energy body) (Tai QI is also excellent to regain biological, cognitive, and proprioceptive function.
Detoxification (removes mental, emotional, and physical toxins)
Untying mental and emotional knots (harmonize what is tying your nervous system in knots is often the greatest remedy for health on every level)
Self Massage (brings healing circulation to every part of the body)
Find a vision for your life, it will give your life meaning.
Awakening: able to receive from life, and give back.
Used together these methods reduce physical, mental, and emotional inflammation.
You will live in joy, love, peace, and gratitude.

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