Hardcore Heath Food DVD



My DVD home study course specializes in the preparation of high fat, moderate protein, low carbohydrate meals. This is accomplished with raw plant and animal foods. It will give you all you need to know to prepare the finest whole, natural, high enzyme rich foods.

Though I am constantly experimenting and refining my diet, this is the exact system that I personally use to keep myself healthy and at top performance levels. If you implement these principles, your health will improve.

***In our toxic environment, nutrition is more important than ever. With the overload of electromagnetic radiation, heavy metals, and chemicals…nutrition plays a vital protective role. It is absolutely essential. Look at reality: there are dangers to your health all over the place. It is imperative to go as far as possible  with your diet.

***Even if you adopt ONE recipe, such as my raw egg/coconut/avocado shake made with coconut milk, or my nut and seed butter, or utilize one principle from this DVD every day it might be the best health insurance you’ll ever have.

***DIsclaimer! Please read.

I call this series Hardcore Healthfoods because it takes time and effort to get the finest raw ingredients and prepare them from scratch. My diet goes well beyond Paleo and most popular philosophies. The vast majority of nutritional programs promote natural cooked food. This course suggests whole, pure, natural, but also RAW foods.

One question I frequently get is don’t you miss “normal” food. My answer is: nothing is stopping me from eating whatever I want. If I desire something I can eat it occasionally. In fact my family will sometimes go out to a restaurant and eat “normal” food.

Besides, you don’t have to eat exactly as I do. In fact, one of the pillars of my system is that you must find what works best for you. However one often feels so good from my way of eating, it far outweighs any desire to eat “normal” food. And because the body’s needs are satisfied, one will eventually have no cravings.

Paul Doing Yoga at 60…

"I eat the way I do because performance is most important."

“I eat the way I do because performance is most important.”












This course is for the type of person that cares more for performance and results, than the type who wants to please their palate. If that doesn’t sound like you, PLEASE DO NOT purchase this DVD series!!!