Homeboy––I was Wrong (Third in The Homeboy Healing Story)

Homeboy––I was Wrong (Third in The Homeboy Healing Story)


When I said that I didn’t expect Homeboy to recover fully, or to live much longer, I was wrong. It’s been almost 3 months since his near death incident, and other than a slight equilibrium disturbance, he’s in no pain and seems to be completely recovered. His daily routine continues to be going out with me in the morning, (weather permitting), and on the days that are too cold or rainy, he walks around the house. When I pick him up, he makes cooing, happy noises. It is obvious he loves me. You can feel it and see it in his eyes. He’s extraordinarily social and friendly and really quite beautiful. I continue to give him the finest of foods, mostly my own shake made with avocado, coconut, and raw milk. Strangely, he still doesn’t drink water. Whatever happened in his brain seemed to have turned off the signal for thirst. In the last month I reduced his daily Qigong treatments but he still receives some. I also send Qi into his food before placing it in his cage, infusing it with love. His voracious appetite has returned and he is able to eat without assistance.

At this point I can make no predictions on how long he will live. He is already an old rat and has equalled the average lifespan. He must really want to be here. And yes it’s worth repeating: love heals.

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