Why Poor Health Is The New Normal…and what you can do about it.

With dr. Paul Greenbaum

“Instead of treating symptoms he fixes the problem.  One of the best “wellness” doctors I have been to.”

C.H. Vancouver WA.


Attendees will Learn…

  • Why the health of Americans have steadily degenerated in the last 100 years.


  • The hidden dangers that we face in our modern times.


  • The difference between biologic and chronologic age, and how to become biologically younger.


  • Tools to take your health in your hands.


  • How to be more sexy, and attractive


  • How to have the best chance to live longer, and in good health.


  • How to rejuvenate and recover from serious illness.


I’ve spent my life learning what really works in the realm of health and healing.
Participants will take home valuable information that they can begin using right away to improve their health and well being.

Dr. Paul Greenbaum is an entertaining and informative speaker in the field of rejuvenation, and natural healing. He is the author of the award winning memoir: Dobie The Canine Saint, and has recently released the Amazon #1 Best seller The Road To Peace Runs Through The Valley of Death.


Paul Greenbaum
916 SE 70th Avenue
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