Teen Summer Programs


Programs for Children
I’m developing programs for children and teenagers. Please contact me for information on rite-of-passage vision quests, ecstasy yoga, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu camps. During each of these programs young people will go inside and face themselves in various ways. They will have group support and be able to process their inner conflicts, if they so choose.

Vision Quests
Traditional vision quests are done without food and many times without water. After preparations, one sits on the land without electronics or any distractions. The lack of food quickly stirs one up and into a non-ordinary state of consciousness. Modified vision quests can also be performed with very light, simple food, and water, but no distractions except a pad of paper to write or draw, and/or a musical instrument. It’s going inside and facing the fears of the mind that’s the true rite of passage.

Ecstasy Yoga Camp
Ecstasy yoga develops the energetic body, bringing, health, vitality, joy, and ultimately leading to surrender. It’s a companion to the path outlined in this book. After many years practicing yoga, Qigong, and meditation, I found that when you combine elements off all three, you can potentiate the results. Ecstasy yoga contains simple, practical tools that will help anyone. If children learn this practice when young, they will have practices to ground them throughout their lives.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Camps
Martial arts, in themselves, can be a rite of passage. For some young people, it is the right thing at the right time, especially for kids with raging hormones and focus and disciplinary problems. The very same child who is rebellious to parental or any authority, respects the martial arts teacher because his or her skills are superior. Martial arts provide the perfect outlet for aggression and a positive way to develop the mind and body. They are especially beneficial when the teacher comes from the heart and looks to mentor. If one stays in the martial arts any length of time, then out of necessity, one faces oneself deeply.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is unique in the martial arts world because it is a gentle art that requires an incredible degree of skill and finesse; yet it is also a full-contact sport. It’s by virtue of the tap (submission), a verbal or physical signal that one wants to stop, that we can use full contact safely, unlike in most other martial arts. The degree of combat experience one develops with such full-contact fighting brings genuine confidence in one’s skills.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu camps can be combined with a vision quest and or yoga/meditation intensives for an unforgettable experience that will nourish your child for his or her entire life.

If interested contact me personally: