The Path Of Love Versus The path of Power…What side Are You On?

The Path Of Love Versus The path of Power…What side Are You On?

The very land we walk upon was stolen from the Native Americans by force. Much of Southwestern America was plundered from Mexico. Most of the world has been conquered with force and greed. In more primitive societies might was right. Look at a western movie. The most powerful man became the law, because no one could stand up to him.

There has always been two paths: the path of love and the path of power.

Look carefully at the path of power. It is responsible for the slaughter of innocent people, the religious wars, and everyday hate, violence, and prejudice. The politician is after power, and typically so is the priest. Most of us are enamored with power. You see it in the movies, our relationships, and in the everyday activities of our lives.

Even the spiritual path seems to favor power. People love miracles. If someone can defy the laws of nature, people flock in droves to witness the feat. Read the stories of yogis. It is said that a yogi can develop marvelous powers, such as reading the future, healing the ill, stopping their own heartbeat, or suspending their breath for months. For many this is alluring.


Power is the path of the ego.

Ego wants to be important. It wants to be respected and cherished. If one possesses power, people may look up to them. If one has power they must be special. However, the terrible catch 22 of the ego is that it knows that it is not so powerful––or special––at all. On the contrary the universal plight of the separate ego is that it secretly feels fragile and not good enough––hence the desire to possess more power.

However, there comes a day of awakening. You stop being separate and become one with life. You immediately shift from the path of power to the side of love.

You don’t try to be loving. You see that you literally are love. You don’t need to be in power or control. You stop seeking gain over others because you see that you have always had enough, and the mad striving and seeking does nothing more than take you away from your center.

You find that you are okay as you are. Nothing is needed to live in joy right now. You become grateful for everything. Again this is not a philosophy to adopt, but a natural byproduct of oneness with life.

One who is awake cannot help but to walk the path of love. She is a joyful, peaceful person. She doesn’t have to be extraordinary in the sense that she has power. She goes through her life quietly. When there is a chance to spread love, joy, happiness, and peace she shares what she has with others.

And because one on the path of love is simply themselves and doesn’t want power over others… it makes them truly special


What side are you on? Are you are attracted  to love or power?


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    • Paul Greenbaum
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      Thanks for commenting, Elaine.

      If you have any questions or are interested in a certain aspect, please let me know. I’d be happy to write more. If you like… check out my book: The Road To Peace Runs Through The Valley Of Death, how to be your own shaman. It’s on Amazon and goes into much greater detail. 🙂 Paul

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