How To Deal With Viral Meningitis… Naturally

How To Deal With Viral Meningitis… Naturally

***Attention! Bacterial Meningitis is life-threatening and requires immediate medical attention. If you suspect bacterial meningitis, DON’T WAIT! You must go to the emergency room or call 911 immediately.

Only Viral Meningitis can be treated at home, naturally.

My Story

My daughter had a cough, and high fever. For a few days she slept a lot, and didn’t eat very much. The symptoms lingered for a week, or so, then it was gone. Several days later I caught it. My daughter and I both tested positive for Avian flu, but mine was a much nastier version.
Like her, I had cough and fever, but I was also nauseous and vomiting and didn’t eat for three days. Fasting isn’t a problem. Skipping food for a few days never hurt anyone, but it can sap one’s energy, especially when one is fighting illness.

However, much worse than the lack of food was that I didn’t sleep for a full four days.

For the first 2 nights I had stabbing temporal headaches so intense that I couldn’t sleep. When the headaches dissipated, I developed intense joint and neck pain, which kept me awake for the next two nights.

The intense headaches and overwhelming neck, back, and joint pain may be signs of Meningeal irritation.

It was a strange kind of pain. Usually when one has spinal pain, lying down and resting will relieve it. This was the opposite. I could walk, perform yoga, or do Tai-Qi with no problem. In fact movement felt good. Sitting was painful, I could sit only a little while before I had to get up. Lying down was the worst of all. After just a few minutes, the pain was like a hot knife piercing my low back, neck, and SI joints. Sleep was impossible. I tried everything, including hot baths, massage, self massage, and even attempting to sleep propped up on pillows, leaning against the wall. Sleep wouldn’t come.

Medical Treatment For Viral Meningitis
Antibiotics don’t work with virus. So the standard medical treatment doesn’t treat the flu or a viral meningitis, but tires to palliate the symptoms. A medical treatment might include medications to help with pain, sleep, and anti-inflammatories such as Tylenol to reduce fever. These will make the patient more comfortable, which is an excellent strategy. However, the medications will interfere with the burning off and elimination of toxins.

Benefits of Natural Healing
Never forget: illness is natural. It’s the body’s attempt to eliminate toxins that are causing inflammation and disease. If you can get through illness, such as flu and viral meningitis, naturally you will feel lighter and more refreshed. You are working with nature in the most economical way possible.
When the illness ran its course, my body and mind felt renewed again.

A Case For drugs

I’ve been called a granola, mr. natural, and a heath nut because I wholeheartedly believe in the natural lifestyle. However, when I was dealing with this flu and viral meningeal inflammation, I was in so much pain, I completely understood why people turn to drugs. Pain wears you down, especially with lack of sleep. I didn’t sleep for 4 full nights, and I was pretty well exhausted. The fever and chills, and lack of food also made it difficult to rest. Mostly I was cold to the bone and couldn’t get warm unless I was immersed in a hot bath or bundled in cloths and moving around. I was lucky: The 5th night I slept. Had the intense joint pain, headaches and sleepless nights went on for several weeks, it may have been another story.

If one chooses to use drugs, the body will not eliminate the toxins, which was the purpose of the illness to begin with. Some toxins will remain in the body and continue t cause inflammation. If you must take drugs, after you are well, return to a natural lifestyle, and address the problem with a regimen of detoxification or cleansing.

The Treatment I used:

When there is no appetite I always recommend Fasting.

1) If you have no appetite, go with it. Lack of hunger is the body’s signal that it is better off without food. It also allows the fever to burn off the pathogen. Fasting three or four days will also burn off toxins and inflammation in the system.
From a natural perspective, illness is a blessing because it is getting rid of what you don’t need. Including deep seated toxins, and inflammation that are residing in your tissues and organs.

2) Drink a Lot of water. You’ll need to keep hydrated to properly eliminate. At times I put a little magnesium, electrolytes, or vitamin C in my water.

3) Home Colonics with Colema board, or the yogic method of drinking salt water. (This time I used the Colema Board because I was too tired to do the salt water procedure.) I performed the colonic one time on the first day of the illness to empty some of the waste in my colon. This aids nature in her elimination.

4)Hot baths as many as 2-3 a day.

5)Tai QI performed outside and inside the house,(inside during the wee hours) several times a day to loosen the joints, move the lymph, blood, and energy. Yoga, even a little bit as much as I could do during the day, and in bed at night when I couldn’t sleep.

6) Meditation and self reflection.
The 4 sleepless nights gave me lots of time to go inside and face myself and reflect on life, thereby clearing toxins on a different level.

7) Self Massage: hand, foot, ear, and stomach reflexology performed with a massage stone. Body massage was performed with a Jerry Cane. And I applied oil with my hands to ears, hands, and feet.

8) Food: When I started eating again, I took hot bone broths and chicken soups. (very different than my usual raw food diet) You must listen to what your body is telling you, and always be ready to change.

Count Your Blessings:
Never overlook the blessings of Modern Life. Don’t take it for granted.
I was tremendously grateful that though it was winter, and below freezing, we had electricity and hot water. Had the house been freezing and without hot running water, I might have fared much worse.

My observation after 60 years of living
When we think we are getting old, it isn’t age. Toxins are causing inflammation, which clogs the free circulation of the energy body. Whenever possible, the natural cure is the best way to remove toxins on many levels.


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