Trusii Molecular Hydrogen

Curious About Molecular Hydrogen

I had heard about the multiple benefits of Molecular Hydrogen,but when I started researching it, I found that the potential gains were much more than I’d imagined. Also when one thinks about biohacking water, they think perhaps of filtering it to remove impurities. However, adding molecular hydrogen ions isn’t usually what is on people’s mind.


My Experience

I started by taking the Trusii tablets that are dissolved in water. The tablets are great, they get results, but I got really excited when I started using the Trusii Elite Pro Molecular hydrogen machine.

Upon drinking the H2 infused water, I immediately had a feeling of well being and a surge of positive energy. I wondered if it might be a placebo effect, or wishful thinking, but the possibility of placebo effect vanished as improved energy and a sense of well being was reproduced every time I consumed it.


I was mostly interested in improving my performance and recovery time