Unraveling the body and mind: how to be a body shaman.


In this focused talk, Paul Greenbaum D.C. Lac  targets professionals, such as massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, naturopaths, and other doctors, and natural healers that want to increase their knowledge about the full scope of body therapy.

The full range of body therapy is sometimes called unwinding, or unraveling, because there are layers of obstructions that may impede free flowing circulation on the physical, emotional, mental, and unconscious levels. Skilled body therapy is one of the most profound ways to unwind the obstructions that are blocking well-being.

Attendees will learn:

The levels of Human anatomy as pertaining to body therapy…

1) The musculoskeletal system is treated by massage, manipulation, traction, and passive and active stretching techniques. Cranial sacral therapy is often a bridge from the physical body to the emotional, mental, and unconscious levels.

2) The energetic body is influenced through the meridian and chakra systems. Treatment consists of acupressure, Qigong, as well as energetic extraction of unwanted energy.

3) The mental level.  Body therapy is unique in that touch puts a patient in a non-ordinary state of consciousness.  van talking to the patient can be much more powerful than during ordinary states of consciousness. Non-ordinary states of consciousness is the perfect time to process unresolved issues that may come up. In fact bodywork seems to loosen hidden feelings, and bring them to the surface. That’s why the cutting edge of body therapy has always been processing the mental/emotional when it bubbles to the surface. Similarly using touch has always been the cutting edge of psychotherapy, because the body/mind/emotional complex is best treated as one entity, not separate entities.

4) The unconscious level.  Unconscious entanglements often surface during body therapy. It is possible to do a tremendous service to the patient with esoteric techniques such as shamanism, and contacting another’s soul, be it a family member, diseased child, or past lover, whether dead or alive. Grudges, bad blood, and past hurts and wrongs may be harmonized.

5) The Spirit level is perfect as it is and needs no therapy. It simply has to be recognized. Clearing the obstructions on the previous 4 levels aids one in “remembering” what they are.

Skills to be developed by a body therapist:

Physical bodywork skills, including, massage, trigger point therapy, and meridian therapy
Listening with the inner senses.
Cranial sacral therapy.
Diagnosing imbalances in the Chakras
Shamanic extraction of energy, Qigong, and Soul Retrieval
Systemic family Therapy
Scar Therapy (Treating and processing scars in the 4 levels)
Breath work such as Re-birthing, or Holographic breath work.

Dr. Paul Greenbaum has been a practicing body shaman for more than 2 decades. He has helped thousands of difficult cases, and taught bodywork since 1994.


Paul Greenbaum

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