My System Of healing

My System Of healing



A common question I get is:

Why do I work on so many different levels?

Some doctors and healers chose to become an expert in one area such as nutrition, or exercise. This isn’t wrong. However, I’ve always been interested in the whole person, what really makes them tick, why they got ill in the first place, and what could be done about it?

When I first started working with patients, I was super excited to help. I threw my bag of tricks at each person who came to see me. I performed massage, chiropractic, and acupuncture. Some got well immediately, with just a single treatment. Others took several visits. Some needed many treatments and some didn’t get well at all. At first I thought I had done something right with the patients that got well quickly, and overlooked something with those that didn’t. After years of scrutinizing my own technique I realized that it wasn’t my technique at all. It was the patient. The people that The ones that didn’t get well had more complex problems; they were more out of balance, carrying more of a total load.

I tried to help those that didn’t respond as well as I would’ve liked with nutrition, herbal medicine and supplements. I even gave them yoga poses, and taught them how to meditate. Nutrition, yoga and meditation helped some, but not everyone. It became clear that states of stress and strong emotions had a tremendous effect on physical health. Stress and unresolved emotions causes vital energy to leak out from the system.

The Ankle Bone Is Connected To The Leg Bone

Everything is connected. Even if the problem was purely a physical imbalance, it was almost never a textbook case, like the kind we learned about in school. Problems were combinations.The Herniated disk was not just the disk, but a combination of the hips being off balance due to muscular factors in the hips legs or just about anywhere in the body. I learned, through trial and error, that it was inadequate to focus only on the physical. The body, mind, and emotions play a mutually interdependent role in health and rejuvenation.

But none of this is new knowledge.

Throughout the ages it has been known that a healer worth their salt must have, at least, a working knowledge of the various layers of human consciousness. Yoga breaks these levels down as follows:

  • The Physical level. Sometimes known as the food body, because the physical level is completely dependent on regular intake of nutrients and water. This level is governed by chemistry, and physics.


  • The energy body. Also called the bio-electric body, subtle nervous system, or emotional level. This body is made up of the chakras, and energy vessels, through which flow the real juice of life. Our subtle senses such as inner sight, hearing, subtle smell, direct perception, and inner knowing originate from the energy body. The energy body needs to be flowing freely, or else the physical body will eventually develop problems in the areas of deficient circulation. The energy body can be developed to great heights with yoga and Qigong.


  • The Mental layer fits over the energetic body like a glove. When we have powerful thoughts, the mind exerts a crimping force on the energy body, which affects the physical body, via the nervous system. This is why the mind has been such an important part of healing. Depression occurs when  powerful thoughts continually assault us. In other words…our own mind oppresses us, and it can become overwhelming. So overwhelming that we must find a way to get away from our own mind.


  • The vast unconscious layer dwarfs the conscious mind. Because it is unconscious we aren’t aware of what’s going on. But it is the unknown drives, urges, and patterns that influence us more than anything.


  • The spiritual self is the true being.  The spiritual self needs no therapy to make it better. It is already perfect and nothing needs to be added to it. A healer’s job is to harmonize the physical, and help set the student (patient) on the path of untying mental and emotional knots, and making the unconscious conscious so it might be healed. When the physical, emotional, mental, and unconscious levels are free and flowing one easily recognizes their spiritual self.


Ideally, a healer should  be able to discern what level a problem is on, and have tools to help harmonize each level.

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