For those willing to take their health into their hands, it's possible to do more than you ever dreamed.

For those willing to take their health into their hands, it's possible to do more than you ever dreamed.

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    Paul's Philosophy

    Health is a great gift and safeguarding your health should be a top priority. Once it’s gone, you’ll see that health is your most precious possession. Without it, life isn’t what it could be. Don’t wait until you hit rock bottom with your health or your appearance.

    I believe that the tools for longevity, health, attaining peace of mind, and staying sexy and beautiful for life are not pharmaceuticals or reactive healthcare; anyone can build the skills to get healthier mentally and physically.

    Health & Wellness Services


    Paul offers a diverse variety of workshops including and not limited to: Hardcore Health Food, Transformation Ecstasy Yoga Retreat, and 100 Hour Thai Bodywork Certification.

    Health Academy

    Paul offers a range of health programs and skills including: Breathing exercises (Pranayama), Nutrition, Yoga, Herbal Medicine, Tai qi, Detoxification, Self Massage, Untying Mental and Emotional Knots, and Awakening to freedom: joy, love, peace, and gratitude.


    Paul offers a variety of Mentoring. including: a 6-month Upward Spiral Mentoring Program, where you have my personal support in the 7 pillars of rejuvenation; Mentoring you as a natural Healer with different tracks of 1) Health Coaching or 2) Becoming a Body Shaman

    Speakings & Events

    Paul would love to speak at your event or fundraiser.  Paul speaks on most natural healing topics. Some of his signature talks are: Rejuvenation, Hardcore Health Food, Yoga, Unraveling the Body & Mind.  Contact us for more information.


    Biohacking means to live more fully. Paul is not seeking immortality in this body. However, Yoga has taught him that to get the most out of life, do what he came here to do, help others, and share himself at the deepest levels, health is the greatest asset.


    Paul is a author of many books including: his most current novel, The Cage Fighter (won first place in Indie Excellence 2019 and a silver medal in the 2019 Living Now Book Awards); The Road to Peace; Dobie the Canine Saint and short stories.

    Paul's Mission

    Only if your heart opens can you be more loving.

    Only if you have more awareness and clarity,
    will you know what to do in your life.

    Only if you have enough energy,
    will you be able to implement your vision.

    Only when you are healthier,
    will the world be a better place.

    Let’s help make the world healthier and happier,
    one person at a time.

    Please join me.