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Hello, I’m glad that you joined! I genuinely want to help you to be healthier and live life more fully.

Energy (The Vitalistic Principle)
Energy is the true coin of life. Without energy you won’t have the physical, mental, or emotional power to live fully. A sick person is always fatigued, and that plays on the will and every aspect of life.

Your vital energy is like a river. Our goal is to increase the flow, which means decreasing whatever is blocking it, (inflammation), and simultaneously building up energy wherever possible. As the river of your internal energy increases, you will have greater health and wellbeing.

When your vital energy is flowing on the physical, emotional, mental, and unconscious levels, your spiritual nature will blossom into awakening. You will live in states of peace, joy, love, and gratitude, which is what I consider to be the ultimate state of health.

Methods Used

  • Breathing exercises (Pranayama)
  • Nutrition
  • Yoga
  • Herbal Medicine
  • Tai qi
  • Detoxification
  • Self Massage
  • Untying Mental and Emotional Knots
  • Awakening to freedom: joy, love, peace, and gratitude.


Systems such as Yoga, Tai Qi, QI Gong, Meditation, and martial arts are lifetime studies. One never reaches the end point of mastery, and that’s the beauty of it. We can always grow and understand more. A lifetime makes a mere scratch into these art forms.

In Our Busy Lives
If you read the old Yoga texts, the practice of yoga was a full time endeavor. However, most of us are too busy to spend many hours practicing. So wherever possible I try to give you the essentials, the steps I consider the most important to implement. Do whatever you can. In some cases, it is a simple retraining or refocusing. For example, we are constantly breathing, so breathwork can be practiced constantly.

Your Personal Routine
We are all different. The goal is to create your own daily program that is perfect for you.