Paul’s most current novel, The Cage Fighter won first place in Indie Excellence 2019 and a silver medal in the 2019 Living Now Book Awards

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How to find peace and bliss within yourself. The method entails using awareness to separate the real from the false self, and surrendering the false. It leads to experiencing the oneness of life, an awakening to reality. After surrender and becoming one with life, your life will never be the same.


When I least expected it, Dobie, a severely wounded dog came into my life. At first she was afraid of everything and even me. She barely let me touch her. If I moved too quickly, she would quail and wet the floor. I was not sure if or how she could be healed.

This touching story takes the reader through her life, and her death. It reveals how Dobie slowly healed and learned to trust in life again. Through the process I discovered that it was really she who healed me. This true story brings out the importance of the deep spiritual bond that exists between human and animal, and how their hearts and souls are twined to serve each other through the bond of love.


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