BioHacking is one of those modern words that has been coined to describe an emerging science. But is it really all that new?

Yes and no.

There have always been those women and men, like Diana Nyad, and Jack Lanne, who have tried to get the most out of their minds and bodies. Lance Armstrong could be called a pioneer Biohacker for the same reason. Armstrong tried to squeeze the highest performance out of his muscles, nerves, sinews, and brain and, doping or not, he succeeded.

What is Biohacking?

First, because biohacking is a new word lets define what it means at least for the purpose of clarifying this author’s standpoint.

One internet dictionary defined biohacking as: the activity of exploiting genetic material experimentally without regard to accepted ethical standards, or for criminal purposes.

Such a definition, for the modern biohacker, is ridiculous. However, Biohacking means different things to different people.

Biohacking Common Ground

Most Biohackers are interested in the ultimate health, function, and performance of their bodies. Some are looking to extend their lives even up to immortality.
To this end, some will “Biohack” their bodies with anything that will get the desired result of increased function and performance. This includes prescription and non-prescription drugs.
Because drugs, steroids, and Nootropics do get results.

Natural Biohacking

Biohacking means to live more fully. I’m not seeking immortality in this body. However, Yoga has taught me that to get the most out of life, do what I came here to do, help others, and share myself at the deepest levels, health is the greatest asset.
I consider good food, nature, exercise, and good relationships to be part of biohacking. Yoga, pranayama, meditation, tai qi, qigong, and martial arts are the ultimate in natural biohacking, but I also use Molecular Hydrogen, Pulsed Magnetic fields, laser light shields, laser, ozone machines, micro current, light and sound, and many other modalities. I have done thousands of colonic irrigations. I’ve used a multitude of herbs, vitamins, and super supplements. However,  I have not used drugs or even Nootropics, as I still cherish keeping as natural as possible.

Biohacking and The Upward Spiral

Long before the word biohacking became popular I called the methods I use to maximize performance and health, The Upward Spiral. The idea is to get on a path of living that slowly builds the cells, tissues, and organs with nutrition, herbs, and supplements. At the same time we try to reduce inflammation by removing whatever is interfering with the free flow of energy, be it heavy metals, chemicals, infections, bacteria, virus, electromagnetic radiation, or emotional blocks.
As one increases the flow of vital energy within the body, mind, and energy body, one has more energy. They can do more exercise, which further strengthens the cells, and organs. Our goal is to make the body more efficient. Growth hormone levels may change, natural stem cells are produced, telomeres may lengthen. Now you have walked the upward spiral. You have increased the function of your body, and have become biologically younger.

Energy The True Coin Of Life

When there is more vital energy flowing in our bodies and minds, we can do more. Not only to become more physically healthy, but also the mind experiences clarity. Intuition, and inner knowing flowers. You may know what you need to do or what the next step might be. And physically you have the juice to carry out your aspirations and intentions.

The New Age Yogi

I call myself a new age yogi because just the practice of yoga and related arts isn’t always enough. You can do all the yoga you want but if you have a mouth full of mercury amalgams, and root canals, you simply cannot be as healthy. Heavy metals in the system retard the flow of Prana (vital energy) in the body and when they are removed, it’s like releasing a logjam in a river. The same goes for any of the blockages that may interfere with the river of life.

Take A Step Backward…and Forward

I used to say that, in our busy , stressful world, we must take a step backwards to practices such as meditation, yoga, martial arts, and Qigong. Practices such as these keep the river of life flowing and our mind sane. However, now the health conscious person must take a step back to centering and grounding practices, but also a step forward to what technology now has to offer. The new age yogi combines the old and new together.