Hardcore Health food (a two day course on high enzyme nutrition)


Organic coconuts, one of the finest foods, are available at the local supermarket!



Heirloom tomatoes from our garden..









The Hardcore Health Food workshop is a two day course that teaches you how to assemble raw, high fat, moderate protein, low carbohydrate foods that will decrease inflammation, and heal many chronic conditions of the body, and brain.

This course goes well beyond most systems of eating, including Paleo, because it highlights not only pure and natural, but also raw, enzyme rich foods. We all need a certain amount of raw enzyme rich foods to maintain optimal health.

***The DVD covers much of the material. The benefit of a live workshop is you’ll get the latest version, (I’m constantly adding new recipes) Plus you can get all your questions answered on the spot.

Transformational Ecstasy Yoga Retreat

The length of this workshop may vary, depending on the circumstances of the group. The range may be from a weekend to 2 weeks, and it is usually held in a pristine retreat setting.

We immerse ourselves in Ecstasy Yoga, Breath-work, and meditation. The safe group container is the perfect place to process and transform emotions, bad blood, and grudges. I will help you to untie the mental and emotional knots so that love can flow, and you can trust in life again.

There will be plenty of free time for each person to connect with nature, go inside, and meet themselves, where all healing originates. A vision may crystalize, which will provide enthusiasm and a deep meaning to life.

Participants will be instructed in the principles of Hardcore health food, and may try to adopt this way of eating while in the workshop. (optional)

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No Need To Be Healthy, young, or flexible enough to do advanced poses, like the one’s above.

All levels will receive benefit. The main physical focus will be yoga combined with breath work. Clearing blockages in your life that stop you from living as fully as possible is another focus, as is re-kindling your vision and enthusiasm for life.



100 hour Thai Bodywork Certification

I teach a 100 hour course on Body Therapy, broken up into three segments. Each segment stands on it’s own and may be taken separately.

Segment #1) Basic and advanced Traditional Thai Massage Forms. You will learn:

  • The nuts and bolts of Thai Massage therapy. The Complete Basic Form of Traditional Thai massage, the Sen, (nerve and energy channels), and all the positions.


Segment # 2) Clinical Applications of bodywork. You will learn:

  • How to diagnose and heal Common conditions.
  • Releasing the cervical spine
  • Balancing the shoulders and arms
  • Abdominal Massage plus releasing the diagraphm and Psoas.
  • Releasing the lower back
  • Balancing the Hips and Legs
  • Decompression of the spinal cord.
  • Cranial manipulations


Segment # 3) Energetic Healing. You will learn:

  • Diagnosing and treating the chakra/ acupuncture system.
  • Extraction of unwanted energy
  • Physical/emotional/mental treatment of scars
  • Resonance Therapy
  • Prana infusion (Qigong)
  • Resolving mental/emotional issues: resolving grudges, bad blood, and unfinished business with others. (Even if they are dead)


Learning Thai Massage

I fell in love with Traditional Thai Massage in the early 1990’s and spent thousands of hours training in Thailand, mostly at the famed Wat Po School Of Traditional Thai Massage. I was taught in the old style: After finding my main teacher, I returned to visit her regularly, learning the basic material again and again. My teacher allowed me to assist her teach the new students that came to Wat Po. As time passed she encouraged me to test my skills on local Thai people that came for pain and chronic problems. Eventually, she had me work on some of the Thai therapists who worked at Wat Po. These seasoned veterans had been practicing massage 10 hours a day for many years, and gave me lots of useful feedback, tips, and pointers. Finally, she introduced me to her own teachers and I worked on them, until they gave me their approval. I’m presently married to a beautiful Thai Lady, and have family in Thailand.

Experience Through Practice

My practice of chiropractic and acupuncture is unusual in that I spend an hour with each patient. I’ve performed full time, body therapy, utilizing the principles of Traditional Thai massage for 22 years. I’ve seen many thousands of patients and have cured many conditions that others’ have said couldn’t be helped, or needed surgery. (Many times my patients have been to multiple physicians before coming to me.)

Energy Healing

Energetic healing is practiced by some Thai masters, but most of my knowledge was learned through studying shamanism, esoteric psychology, and energy medicine.

Why Study With Me?

I’ve taught Traditional Thai massage in the Pacific Northwest since 1994. I’ve taught hundreds of people and have trained students that have become highly skilled experts in their own right.

After completing the 100 hour course, participants should have all the skills and tools they need to begin practice. (I say to begin practice… because to become a true expert or master takes many thousands of hours, and decades of practice helping problems. It is only when you have experience in unraveling the knots and adhesions of the body, emotions, and mind that you can be considered an expert.)

***This is a combined internet as well as a hands on course. With physical skills it helps to feel the techniques. You will get the raw material online or by DVD. However, to get the most from this course, you must be able to travel so I can directly mentor your skills.

***In many places a license is necessary to practice massage or bodywork. Check out your local requirements. Frequently my 100 hour course will count towards a professional degree.


One of my certificates from Wat Po, one of the premier massage schools in Bangkok Thailand.


At Wat Po in the mid 1990’s


Paul with his main teacher (directly behind)


  • Teaching a Thai Massage course in California during the late 1990’s.

    A Thai Logo designed for my Thai Massage school


    Meditating during a recent trip to Thailand

    I'd sometimes get the Wat Po before it opened and stay all day.

    I’d sometimes arrive at Wat Po before it opened and stay all day.