~Look and Feel 10 years younger.

Receive my personal support in the 7 pillars of rejuvenation. Build a biologically younger and happier you.

  • You Will Receive An Herbal Consult: One of my colleagues, an expert on herbal medicine, and I will decide the perfect combination of herbs to aid your condition and give you maximum benefit. If need be, I will suggest laboratory tests that might be helpful in diagnosing your condition.


  • Implement my high enzyme/ anti-inflammatory diet. (Included is Hardcore Health Food 4 DVD series) After you study the material we will have a 1 on 1 call to figure out exactly what direction to take in your nutritional program.


  • Detailed instructions on Ecstasy Yoga a special system of yoga postures, breath work, and mediation. (If need be I will customize a program for you)


  • Detoxifying your body and Home. We will have a 1 on 1 consult to decide the most important steps to utilize in your personal detoxification.


  • Techniques of Self Massage. (After viewing the DVD’s we will decide what would be most important for you)


  • Untying the mental/emotional knots.  You get my book: The Road To Peace Road To Peace Runs Through The Valley Of Death (how to be your own shaman) We will look at what is burdening you, and tensing up your nervous system, and consider how those knots might be untied.


  • Awakening: The renown yoga master B.K.S. Iyengar said: “Before we can understand our own soul, we must explore all that eclipses our true selves.” I can act as a coach as you go inside and explore yourself. ultimately finding what’s holding you back from living as joyfully as possible.Together, we can explore and refine your vision.which connects us to others and provides a deep enthusiasm to live.
  • You will get a 1 on 1 call each week, and I will answer any other questions by email.


  • I am committed to helping you to better health and living more fully.

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When I told my patients I was starting an internet business to help people heal and rejuvenate, they suggested that it would be better to train an army of practitioners that could work like me. I’m not interested in an army, but I will accept a limited number of those who want me to personally mentor them in a career of natural healing .

2 Tracks

Track 1) Health Coaching

A health coach is a specialized councillor who can provide health and lifestyle information to help their clients live more fully. A health coach usually does not require a state or nationally issued license.

  • Read over the previous offering for my Upward Spiral mentoring program. You will first be immersed in this program. Improving or rejuvenating your own health and well being, is the first step. In the process you will acquire personal experience. After you have experience we will meet in a retreat setting. I will personally help you deepen your skills to help others.



  • Develop your listening faculties.  Sometimes the patient may not even know what’s bothering them at the deepest level. It takes deep awareness and receptivity to be able to discern what the patient is really doing and saying. The inner senses of the practitioner must be developed. Learning to be still and listen helps the inner senses to blossom.
  • Patient communication: Communication is an art. In my entire career, I’ve never had a complaint filed against me. This is primarily because of good communication.
  • Nutrition: learn Hardcore Health food method: raw,  high fat, moderate protein, low carbohydrate foods and how to fine tune the diet to anyone.
  • Ecstasy Yoga/ Meditation: Learn ecstasy yoga, and derive personal benefits from the practice. I will show you how to teach Ecstasy yoga to patients of different levels of health, age, and ability.
  • Herbal Therapy: I will give you a basic education on how to prescribe herbs for different conditions.
  • Healing unresolved mental and emotional wounds. (a major reason why people are sick) A great secret of health and rejuvenation is conservation of energy. Every time the nervous system is activated by an unresolved emotion, it puts stress on the glands and organs and makes them work harder. Ultimately this causes energy to leak from the system. Healing, or neutralizing unresolved mental and emotional wounds stops the nervous system from being activated and stops the leakage of energy, thus conserving vitality. Over a lifetime, the conservation of vital energy is a tremendous factor in health, power, and longevity.
  • Detoxification: Help patients to minimize heavy metal, chemicals, electromagnetic radiation, and other toxins that cause inflammation.



Track 2) Be a Body Shaman

If you are healthy and feel a resonance with hands on healing, the Body Shaman track might be for you.

***You must first take my 100 hour bodywork course. After each segment, the Body Shaman group will spend 2 extra days together to refine your skills.

Disadvantages of being a bodyworker:

I remember reading a book many years ago written by a high level body therapist. He had approached a master bodyworker in Japan and asked him to study. The Japanese master asked: “Why do you want to practice bodywork? It shortens your life, you won’t get rich, and it’s hard work.”

Most of what the Japanese master said is true.

The practitioner is constantly working at close quarters, within the patient’s energy field, and this requires a lot of personal energy. Years of bodywork also may take a toll on one’s own body. The hands, fingers, and especially the thumbs, as well as shoulders, arms, and carpal tunnels may be over used. There’s no way around it: bodywork is work. You can make a good hourly wage, and yet you probably won’t be making a lot of money. Most bodyworkers are limited by the time a session takes, and also the output of energy that each session requires.  The majority of bodyworkers can’t work a 40 hour workweek. The focus it takes to do a high quality body therapy session takes too much out of you. Bottom line is you can probably make more money as a good accountant.

And yet there are those of us that perform body therapy…because we love it. We deeply resonate with touch as a unique and elemental form of healing. We enjoy unlocking the secrets that are crimping the patient’s health, directly with our own hands.

Advantages of being a bodyworker:

A good bodyworker holds the power to heal in their hands. They can help someone in an airplane or on a hiking trail, with no equipment. Capable bodyworkers are always in demand, no matter where in the world they may practice. I have a busy, word of mouth practice, and I haven’t advertised in over 20 years.  Bodywork is an indispensable part of physical medicine. It can cure certain imbalances better than any other modality, completely naturally and with no side effects. A good bodyworker is appreciated and even loved by their patients. You will lead a rich life because you reach and relate to your clients on a very deep level.

***In many places a license is necessary to practice massage or bodywork. Check out your local requirements. Frequently my 100 hour course will count towards a professional degree.

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