Rejuvenation: building a new body from the inside out.

With Dr. Paul Greenbaum,


Attendees will learn:

  • How and why health and rejuvenation happens from the inside out.


  • The 7 pillars to rejuvenation and becoming biologically younger.


  1. Herbal Medicine: how to use herbs as allies to your health and well being.


2) Nutrition: how to implement your optimal diet.

3) How Yoga and Breath-work develops your physical and energetic body.

4) detoxification: how and what to focus on to get healthier.

5) How to use Self Massage techniques to circulate vital energy.

6) Why untying mental and emotional knots is so important to rejuvenation and overall health and well being.

7) Awakening: why states of love, peace, joy, and gratitude, are the ultimate tonics to health and rejuvenation.

I’ve spent my life learning what really works in the realm of health and healing. Participants will take home valuable information that they can begin using right away to improve their health and well being.

Dr. Paul Greenbaum is an entertaining and informative speaker in the field of rejuvenation, and natural healing. He is the author of the award winning memoir: Dobie The Canine Saint, and has recently released the Amazon #1 Best seller The Road To Peace Runs Through The Valley of Death.

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Paul Greenbaum
916 SE 70th Avenue
Portland OR 97215