Bathroom Hygiene from Asia

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Bathroom Hygiene from Asia

Traveling through some remote parts of India and Asia, away from the tourist hotels, typical bathroom accommodations are a squat-type toilet and a large basin of water. Floating in the water is a small cup that’s used to pour water on the backside. It works; people manage quite well.In more developed parts of Asia, bathroom hygiene has evolved into something much more effective. It’s so simple; I’m shocked that American’s still haven’t caught on. Attached to the wall within an arms reach of the toilet is a sprayer exactly like the kind we have on our kitchen sink. After one defecates, one sprays their rectum thoroughly.

The sprayer has three significant advantages. One: you are clean––really clean. Two, it only takes a tiny bit of toilet paper, mostly to dry you off. Thus saving tremendous amounts of toilet paper. Three, you are preventing septic clogs.

Stop and think on cleanliness for a second. If you were to step barefoot in dog poop, would you wipe it off with toilet paper? Of course not! You’d wash it off, because there is no way you will get the poop off your foot with just toilet paper. You will still have waste on your skin.

I find it amazing that intelligent people don’t seem to understand bathroom hygiene. Don’t they realize that they are pushing their own fecal matter around the skin of their rectum. Some waste will always remain no matter how hard you try. That’s why washing with water is necessary, especially with a messy or greasy bowel movement. With toilet tissue alone, one can wipe and wipe; you can use half a roll of toilet paper, but you won’t be nearly as clean as with a good strong spray. The sprayer is far more efficient than wetting toilet paper or using wet wipes which, unless organic, are loaded with chemicals.

Saving Tress and Preventing Septic clogs
In America, 250 million people defecate. Think how many millions of rolls of toilet paper are being used in America, and around the world every day? Think about the trees that are being used to make toilet tissue.  Think about how all that paper goes into our septic systems, causing overflowing toilets, messes to clean, creating the need to put chemicals in the septic system to break up the blockage, and plumber bills.

With this one simple device, you are hygienically clean, you help the environment, and Americans save billions of dollars every year. cf course, some will point to the excess use of water, which has greater scarcity than paper. However, if the toilet gets filled with paper, the extra flush could waste even more water.

*The sprayer also helps one have a more complete bowel movement. The colon is weakly innervated by the nervous system, which is one reason why so many have constipation. But when, even a little, pressure is put on the rectum is may stimulate the urge to defecate. When using the sprayer, relax your rectum and let the water enter. Commonly the water will remove the last bit of fecal matter, or even stimulate the urge for another movement. At very least, you will clean yourself even more efficiently. This inexpensive device, purchased in most hardware stores, provides the best of bathroom hygiene

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