Death Of A Loved One

Death Of A Loved One

My son’s pet rat, Milkyway, died today. He had been feeling bad for months and had been steadily losing weight.

I tried to help him with qigong (energy healing). He liked it. He enjoyed when I held him in my hands, or between my hands in a bubble of Qi. He seemed to like the warmth of my palms as if it were taking away some of his pain.

On this morning, his breathing was more labored than usual. I had to go to work for a few hours, and when I returned he was still alive and still struggling for breath––just lying on his stomach kind of hanging his head off the loft in his cage.

I held him loosely between my palms, not touching his body. After a couple of minutes, he made a huge effort and turned on his back. He cried a few times, stopped breathing, and went limp. His expression turned from pain to bliss and his clear eyes were peaceful.

Rats are quite intelligent and I believe he waited for me to come back before he died (I was the one who cared for and loved him).

Every time I witness death, it reminds me that we’ll all soon be dead and that life is about saying goodbye to everything and everyone you love.

If you let yourself open your heart it will hurt. But isn’t love what we’re here for?

Death reminds me that each moment of life is a gift and opportunity, a chance to be together with those we love. The time we have with our loved ones is the rarest, most precious comodity.

Death reminds me to celebrate life. By celebrating being alive, you honor the dead. Be it a pet, wife, or mother, they will be happy to see you in joy.
All of nature is rejoicing, just to be alive. But I see so many serious, long faced folks that have forgotten how to sing and dance though the mixed bag of living. The miserable and serious are already half dead, trapped in the hell of their own mind. What’s stopping you from dancing right now?

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