MY Morning yoga (How to get High with Yoga)

MY Morning yoga (How to get High with Yoga)


Paul Greenbaum is 62 years old and has been practicing yoga, martial arts, qigong, and meditation for most of his life.

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When you combine yoga, qigong, pranayama, martial arts stances together you have a more potent exercise to keep you healthy. Yoga, combined with Qigong, martial arts stances, and deep breathing literally get you high. Especially when performed outside and barefoot in nature.


Revolutionary Health Care
Unlike most systems of healthcare that diagnose disease (naming the problem cements it more firmly in one’s mind) and then uses strategies, much like a military campaign uses a battery of aggressive maneuvers to overcome the enemy. Yoga, qigong, meditation, and martial arts don’t focus on the disease at all. They focus on increasing circulation in the physical and bioelectric body, and they clear the mind of rubbish.

Here’s a video that demonstrates exactly what I do for the morning routine

*It works best for standing yoga. I have other routines that highlight the positions on the ground.


Yoga is the master science of anti-aging, and well known for keeping the body soft and flexible. Flexibility and softness is closer to life, while Rigidity and hardness is closer to death. However, yoga builds core strength like nothing else. It is also the perfect antidote to our stressful, sedentary lives.

Qi Gong
There is a saying: if you practice hard or yang exercise you must balance it with soft or Yin exercise. Even if you don’t practice vigorous exercise you must have an antidote to stress and a way to rest your mind, and get yourself into a yin or parasympathetic state. If one is tense all the time, in sympathetic dominance, they will never heal, or be at peace.

You can go months without food, and days without water, but after mere minutes without breath we begin to die. Flooding our cells with fresh oxygen is tantamount for our health and removing stale air out is also super important. Most of us don’t breathe deeply, and being tense, nervous, or anxious Flooding the body with fresh morning air is one of the most natural detoxification methods, and helps to center and ground your mood and emotions.

In this routine we do continuous deep breathing, and also breath of fire, which is a classic pranayama of Hatha yoga.

In martial arts and Tai Qi the strength of the legs are crucial, which is why we practice stances. In Kung Fu this is known as iron leg training. After all the legs pump the blood back to the heart. The muscles of the legs should be powerful and flexible. Including martial arts stances in this morning routine accomplishes just that: it builds powerful, iron strong legs.

Most of us are constantly bombarded with electromagnetic radiation from cell phones, cell phone towers, Wi Fi, microwaves and many other sources. Probably the most powerful antidote is being in nature and getting your feet on the earth. Going outside every day, through all kinds of weather, allows us to receive all the colors and vibrations of nature. Going though the challenging weather builds endurance. If you practice in a garden or park, you can tune into the ever changing play of the seasons.
It sure beats going to a gym with toxic air, and florescent lighting.

Meditation may be the most Important thing we can do for our health. Meditation has become mainstream because it seems to improve every health condition. Meditation calms the mind and centers the spirit and makes us feel great. Meditation after the routine is simple. You just get into a comfortable sitting position with your spine straight and relax. Let the mind do what it will. Simply tune into the sensations that the exercise has generated. Follow the sensations as long as possible.


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