Skin Brushing A Useful Practice for your Health

Skin Brushing A Useful Practice for your Health

The skin is our largest elimination organ and one of the most neglected.

When we eliminate toxins efficiently through the skin, our health improves. The liver also has less work to do, and any burden you take off the liver will pay dividends to your health. The liver is overworked, processing the hundreds if not thousands of chemicals that overwhelm us. The air itself contains several dozens of manmade chemicals and pollutants, and so does the water.

Most of us spend 95% of our lives indoors. It is rare that we feel the sun, wind, and rain on our bare skin. Those that live in warm climates or don’t wear much clothes have an advantage: the skin will naturally defoliate. Those of us living in cold climates are covered in clothes all day, and the type of clothes we wear is not in harmony with natural elimination. Think of the contrast between the loose fitting traditional cloths of East India with our tight-fitting business suits. Nearly our entire body is covered, and we are cinched up in bras, underwear, and belts. You can almost see the body groaning and protesting under its fabric straightjacket.

Avoid Synthetic Material
The type of clothing we wear can be an issue. Synthetic fibers such as polyester don’t allow our skin to properly breathe. Only the natural fibers are truly fit to wear. This means cotton, silk, or wool. They all have their strengths, such as wool’s warmth even when wet. Cotton is the best to wear against the skin because it absorbs our bodily wastes. Observe how a cotton garment becomes soiled. It’s a good thing!
This brings up an important point: use the most natural laundry detergent available. We can absorb toxic chemicals from our clothes right through the skin.

Of special concern is underwear. I observe women, especially, wearing synthetic undergarments. Synthetic material will not absorb toxins as they are thrown off. The toxic material will not get properly eliminated. This is especially important for a woman. The pelvic area must be able to throw off toxic material as it is supposed to. If it doesn’t eliminate well, health problems may result over time.
For a man, underwear is questionable. Of course, it has its purposes. I wear underwear because I want to be polite for my patients, and those with whom I practice Jiu Jitsu. By forgoing underwear, the genitals move freely, and that’s definitely good. It has been shown that pants and underwear, when tightly fitting, constrict the scrotum; underwear may cause the scrotum to be held closer to the body. The testicles can’t dangle naturally away from the body as they should. This results in a higher temperature in the testicles, which is a contributing factor in male infertility. So boxer-type shorts are much better than tight-fitting briefs.
Brush The Skin Regularly

Skin brushing  is something everyone can and should do. Skin brushing is a better way to wake us up in the morning than drinking coffee or tea.

Skin Brushing activates the energy in the acupuncture meridians and makes us feel wonderful. Skin brushing with a vegetable bristle brush can remove old skin, open pores, and allow the skin to eliminate more freely.

Skin brushing is an important beauty secret, because over time, the skin becomes soft and smooth. It is also a very fine treatment for the lymphatic system. Imagine all that from a simple home therapy that takes only minutes! It should be done first thing in the morning for three to ten minutes. If you have a health problem or do not feel up to par, try brushing two or three times a day.

Because skin brushing is one of the finest home remedies to move the lymphatic system, the general advice is to always brush towards the heart. If one is trying to move energy, for example if one is feeling very stressed, they may brush from their neck down to the navel, the legs down to the feet, or the shoulders down towards the hands.

Regardless, brush the entire body, including the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. In fact, spend extra time on the palms and soles of the feet. They are reflex areas and loaded with acupoints. The ears are also a reflex area of the entire body. Brushing can stimulate the many acupuncture points of the ears.
It’s possible to do the face, genitals, and breasts.

When the brush is new, the bristles will be stiff. Brushing with a new brush can be painful on more sensitive areas. If sensitive, go slowly. In a short time, the bristles will soften and it will become a real pleasure. There is a special brush, smaller and softer, that can be used for the face if the regular brush is too harsh.

  • Cherri Locke
    Posted at 02:59h, 20 February Reply

    Should you clean the brush after each use? How?

    • Paul Greenbaum
      Posted at 12:18h, 20 February Reply

      Hi Cherri,

      It’s not necessary to clean it. Because it is a dry brush it will pick up some natural oil from your body, but this is minimal. You will probably not even notice, and the brush does not smell. However, it is usually a good idea to keep the brush personal and not share it. After much use the brush gets softer and worn-down. I like the bristles firm so I replace it every few years. I still save the old brush to do my face.:)

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