Laughter The Ultimate Medicine

Laughter The Ultimate Medicine


Laughter is the ultimate medicine, and the antidote to taking yourself too seriously.


It’s a dog show:

Everyone is trying to become something:  famous, rich, more knowledgable, more Facebook likes, or more loved. It’s the way of the world : When we’re not satisfied with what we are, we want to become something better. This sets up a goal to be attained, off somewhere in the future, and we must earnestly set to the task of attaining our goal.

This cycle is even seen on the spiritual path.

When I hear spiritual seekers say that they take their spiritual path seriously, I look at them closely. A signpost of spirituality is to regain the wonder and innocence of a child.

Perhaps when we find ourselves becoming too serious… beware!

Laughter is the Antidote.


You might enjoy these attempts at making a welcome video for my website. My wife and I couldn’t stop cracking up.




Remember:  Not only is  belly laugh is the ultimate medicine for your health––it balances and grounds you in your body––but one who can laugh, especially at themselves, is often much closer to living in a childlike state of wonder, joy, and gratitude.

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